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Modular Wiring systems

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·        Flexibility with the design of project

·        Cost savings in comparison to traditional methods

·        Significant time savings on installation and program times (Up to 70%)

·        Future proof system allowing changes and reconfiguration

·        Structured pre-wired, pre-tested system for cost certainty

·        Zero wastage on site

·        METALYNX meets all the relevant European IEC and British Standards 2

·        Factory tested and manufactured to the highest standards thus reducing risk

·        Wieland is the market leader with OEM connectivity within the field of building control

·        Complete pluggable installation is achieved by quickly and safely by simply connecting the system components

·        Improved Project Performance

·        Reduced Skilled Tradesmen on Site

·        Reduced defects (factory tested)

·        Increased Site Safety (less labor required on site)

·        Assured Quality (Kahramaa Approved)

In summary modular wiring system is simple in concept, modifications to the system can be made with a minimum of out of hours working, minimum disruption to the fixed installation and building fabric and in minimum time.

Key Benefits

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What is Modular Wiring?

Modular plug and play systems are the future when constructing a new building. Not only are they cost saving by reducing time, labour requirement and on site storage but also environmentally friendly and so easy to install any unskilled labourer can install it

The principle is the same as a standard Low Voltage wiring system with the main circuit breakers, metal conduits and rated wires for different currents. However the only addition is a connector the the fuse board, a distribution box, flexible conduits and connectors.

The system is split up into easy to install sections that Plug together in No time!

See our video below for a demonstration (In partnership with Wieland)


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