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Cable processing

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Cut to length

Full or partial strip left and right

Jacket and inner conductor stripping

Jacket stripping of extremely thin insulations

Jacket stripping of multi-conductor cables

Multi-layer stripping

Multi-layer with shield processing (Coax, Hybrid, etc.)

Multi-step jacket stripping with inner conductor stripping and window slitting

Multi-step stripping

Trimming, separating and stripping of individual zipcord conductors

Wire marking

Any Cable size from 1mm to 16mm

Up to 6 core cables (Depending on size)

Max Speed: 1000 per Hour

Length Limit: 50mm to 1000mtr

Key Features

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What is Cable Processing?

Here at Fuse Wiring Connections, our philosophy is to keep as much of the electrical wiring in-house to reduce risks on site. We offer a cable processing option which allows clients to send us their cable or request cables from us that are already pre-stripped and cut to length as well as ultrasonically welded.

Our state of the art machine can process single or multicore cables up to 16mm and can easily cut and strip up to speeds of 1000pcs per hour.

The accuracy of the machine (0.01mm) means it will never cut into the inner cores damaging them as laborers sometime do on the work site. The ultrasonic welding also means there is a guarantee there will be no short circuits in future as there will be no loose wire strands.

When is comes to electrical wiring, Safety is key and with our fast, quality cable processing methods, we can ensure your wiring to be quick and easy to install as well as ensuring the system is safe for use for years to come


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