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Doha Towers

Our philosophy here at Fuse Wiring connections is to bring as much electrical work away from the construction site and produce ready-made systems and products in a safe, controlled environment reducing the risk of mistakes from labourers with substantial cost savings.

Fuse Wiring connections has 3 core services:

  • Modular wiring solutions

    • Prefabricated LV wiring system replacing laborious and expensive traditional wiring installation. We design and fabricate the whole system in house, from the DB to the final electrical outlet, using plug and play with connectors from our partner Wieland Germany giving huge savings in time and money. The system is KAHRAMAA approved


  • Flexible Conduits

    • We manufacture a range of conduits include Galvanised steel, PVC/LSOH coated GS and corrugated plastic. We also have the facility to supply pre-wired conduits or armour any cable supplied removing the need for cable pulling. Our standard sizes are 16,20,25, 32 and 40mm in 15m rolls or on drums. Alternate sizes can be supplied if required. The quality and strength of our product greatly surpasses our competitors


  • Cable Processing

    • Our machines can process cable faster than any human with speed, accuracy and quality. We can provide boxes of pre-cut and pre-stripped single and multicore cables in any size required. Our machine can remove the outer layer, cut and strip the inner cores to size without any damage. Quantities in the 1000’s can be supplied as requested. Furthermore, we can provide ultrasonic welded ends as well as crimped connections in a variety of styles.

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Unit 23, Street 1, Area 81, New Industrial Area, Doha


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Established in 2015, Fuse wiring is a new business within the New Industrial Area, Qatar.

Working in partnership with Wieland, Germany, we aim to provide a complete electrical installation package based on the modular wiring concept into all major building and development projects within Qatar and to the rest of the Middle-east.

In effect, this will greatly reduce the cost of projects by saving time, saving the requirements for specialists and overall greatly reduce on-site waste.

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